Teravail has expanded its gravel lineup with the Rutland, an all-new tire designed for coarse, muddy gravel and all-around use.

The Rutland comes in three sizes: 700c x 42mm, 700c x 38mm and 650b x 47mm.

The long outer diameter of the 700c x 42mm tire adds to rollover ability on rougher terrain. The 42mm width also complements the geometry of modern disc-brake gravel and all-road frames, enhancing comfort and performance.

The 700c x 38mm Rutland offers a firmer and more responsive ride, with a lower-volume casing that allows for higher tire pressures and easier rolling on smooth surfaces.

The 650b x 47mm Rutland provides maximum volume for a larger contact patch and increased traction. This size is perfect for fire roads and singletrack, with durability that offers greater flexibility for exploration.

The Rutland was inspired by riding and racing on coarse gravel and is the perfect tire when you don’t want bad weather to change your ride plans. It excels in muddy gravel and other conditions that would overwhelm lighter, faster-rolling tires. The tread pattern features angled lugs with open and deep lug spacing to keep mud out of the tread and maintain predictable handling in conditions from hardpack singletrack to muddy gravel.

All Rutland tires have a 60 TPI casing with two options: light and supple, for enhanced comfort and ride quality and lower pressures; and durable, for increased protection from punctures.

Teravail’s durable casings feature bead-to-bead technology, which uses a robust woven nylon composite reinforcement between the outer rubber and the inner casing within the sidewalls to prevent tearing and abrasions. An additional layer of protection under the treadcap defends against punctures.

All Rutland variants are tubeless-ready, and riders can choose between standard black sidewalls or tan sidewalls (light and supple casing only). Teravail recommends an internal rim width of 23mm for the Rutland tire.